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Some of the reasons that make your tour in Lagoa a special moment.


Lagoa is a city located in the Algarve region of southern Portugal. It's known for its natural beauty, historic charm, and cultural significance. Here's a description of Lagoa:

Coastal Beauty

One of the notable features of Lagoa is its stunning coastline, adorned with sandy beaches and dramatic cliffs. Praia de Benagil, with its iconic sea cave, and Praia da Marinha, often hailed as one of the world's most beautiful beaches, showcase the natural beauty that draws visitors to this coastal gem. The limestone cliffs surrounding these beaches not only provide breathtaking views but also serve as a testament to the region's geological history.

The cliffs in Lagoa are primarily composed of limestone, a sedimentary rock that often forms intricate patterns and textures. The presence of limestone contributes to the unique appearance of the cliffs and their ability to withstand the erosive action of the sea.






Carvoeiro's history dates back to ancient times when it served as a fishing and agricultural center. Evidence of Roman occupation in the area suggests that Carvoeiro was a significant coastal settlement during that period. The town's strategic location along the cliffs made it an ideal spot for fishing and trade.

Carvoeiro started as a small fishing village, but its transformation into a tourist destination began in the 20th century. The stunning coastal scenery, characterized by dramatic cliffs and sandy coves, attracted artists, writers, and tourists seeking a tranquil retreat. Over the years, Carvoeiro has evolved while maintaining its charm, becoming a popular spot for those seeking a relaxing seaside escape.




Hermitage Senhora da Rocha

The Hermitage of Our Lady of the Rock is perched on a dramatic cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, near the town of Armação de Pêra. The location offers breathtaking panoramic views of the coastline and the surrounding sea, making it a spiritually and visually inspiring site.

The origins of the Ermida da Senhora da Rocha date back many centuries. The hermitage has witnessed the passage of time and has been a place of worship and contemplation for generations. The simple yet spiritually resonant structure stands as a symbol of faith and cultural heritage in the Algarve region.

Beyond its religious significance, the Ermida da Senhora da Rocha is admired for its cultural and scenic appeal. The whitewashed facade of the hermitage contrasts with the blue of the sky and the sea, creating a picturesque scene that attracts not only pilgrims but also tourists and photographers.




Benangil Cave

Carved by the relentless action of the Atlantic Ocean on the limestone cliffs, the Benagil Cave is a magnificent sea cave that has become an iconic symbol of the Algarve's coastal beauty. The cave's large dome and interconnected passages were formed over centuries through erosion and the sculpting forces of the sea.

What makes the Benagil Cave particularly captivating is its large open dome, allowing sunlight to stream through an opening at the top, creating a natural skylight. The interior of the cave features a sandy beach, and the turquoise waters that enter the cave contribute to its enchanting ambiance.






Lagoa Wine

The terroir of Lagoa, characterized by its maritime influence, varied microclimates, and distinct soil compositions, contributes to the unique characteristics of the wines produced. The interplay between the Atlantic Ocean and the coastal landscape imparts a particular flavor profile to the grapes grown in the region.

Lagoa's wineries and vineyards have become attractions for wine enthusiasts and tourists. Wine tourism allows visitors to explore the vineyards, learn about the winemaking process, and, of course, savor the distinctive flavors of the local wines. This tourism further promotes the region and supports local businesses.


Lagoa's blend of coastal beauty, cultural richness, and a welcoming atmosphere makes it a wonderful place to explore and experience the true essence of the Algarve. Whether you're interested in history, nature, or simply relaxing by the sea, Lagoa has much to offer.

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Book your One Day Tour in Lagoa

Expert Local Guide - Taylor Made design


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