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Terms and Conditions

Last update: 10Th of January, 2023

Terms and Conditions of Service
Welcome to AlgarVipTravel!
Please read carefully the following Terms and Conditions before you make a booking with us
1. Intro
      a. The following Terms and Conditions establish the conditions through which all of the services
provided by AlgarVipTravel are offered on our website, www.algarviptravel.com. These do not
include services provided by AlgarVipTravel partners.

2. Definitions
      a. AlgarVipTravel - Is a commercial brand owned by Tiago Miguel Brás Viegas,
      b. Company - Is Experiências e Riquezaz, Lda, Consultoria em Viagens, Lda, NIF 517708442, Address Rua João de
Almeida 29, 8950-414 Altura,
      c. Driver - Is the person providing the Service to the Passengers, be it a member of the Company,
or someone working on behalf of it,
      d. Transfer Service -The route in which the service is provided to the customers, with or without
external partners,
      e. Website Visitor - Someone that visits the website but doesn’t complete a booking,
      f. Client - The person responsible for the booking and associated payments,
      g. Passengers - Every individual associated with a booking,
      h. Booking Request - A request made by the client, which is analysed and potentially approved by
the Company, considering the Client’s needs,
      i. Booking Request Confirmation - A reply sent by the Company relating to a Client’s Booking
Request. This information is sent to the Client’s email address and outlines the conditions in
which the Service will be provided, in addition to payment information,
      j. Online Payment - Final step in confirming a booking,
      k. Driver Payment - Payment for every service requested by the Client and confirmed by the
      l. Booking Confirmation - Confirmation by the Company of a request made by the Client,
      m. Voucher - Confirmation of a reservation sent to the Client via Email,
      n. Partners - External services and entities displayed on the AlgarVipTravel website, that are
available to Clients according to their preferences,
      o. Website - Online address where all of the booking processes take place,
      p. On-Board Services - All of the amenities provided in the vehicle, according to the Clients
      q. Things To Do (Agenda Cultural) - Calendar of events provided by Company Partners relating to
cultural activities and events, specific to every region,
      r. Services Provided By The Company - Transfer, City to City, Tours and Events,
      s. Rating of the Company's Services - All of the commentaries submitted by the Client or
Passengers relating to the services provided by the Company. This information is requested via
our partner Google and will be available on the Company’s Website, and on google.com,
      t. Points of Interest - Places of thematic interest with different ratings that the website visitor can
search and select individually, and include in the Booking Request.

3. Access to the Service
      a. The Client is responsible for making sure that all of the information provided by him is true,
precise complete and up to date, to the best of his knowledge,
      b. The Company reserves the right to deny access to the Service by the Client and Passengers,
if the Client or Passengers are suspected to be under the influence of drugs and alcohol, or
deemed a risk to the safety of the driver and the vehicle,
      c. Smoking is not permitted inside the vehicles, this includes E-Cigarettes,
      d. Food and Drinks are not permitted inside the vehicles, with the exception of water,

4. Client Account
      a. To access some of the features on the Website, the Client is required to create a personal
account. This account and its associated login data are the exclusive responsibility of the
Client to keep safe, and the Company should be informed immediately if a breach of
security has occurred,
      b. We process your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which can be
accessed on our Website,
      c. In case of improper use of the Website by the Client, the Company reserves the right to
cancel or suspend access to the Account,
      d. The Client can request that the company cancel his account, which will result in the
deletion of login data associated with said account.

5. Electronic Communications
      a. By having an account on the Company website, the Client consents to electronic
communications via email. The client also reserves the right to cancel said communications
at any time.

6. Price
      a. Prices referenced on our website relate to a particular vehicle, and information received via
the booking process,
      b. Prices can be reviewed by the company up until the moment of confirmation of booking,
      c. Prices relate exclusively to services provided by the Company, and never to 3rd-party
services, like entries to events or parks, or experiences presented on our website,
      d. Prices are inclusive of all legal taxes associated with the service provided by the company,
and not any other.

7. Payment
      a. We accept all of the most common methods of payment, including Credit Cards (Amex,
MasterCard/Diners International and Visa), Debit (Visa/Delta/Electron) and Bank Transfer,
      b. The Company reserves the right to charge processing fees associated with a particular booking,
      c. Credit Card Payments are processed via POS. This is a safe and reliable third-party entity
responsible for processing the payment,
      d. Payment is to be made in EUROS,
      e. Payment is only considered complete after confirmation by the Company,
      f. If previously agreed in the Booking Process, payment can be made directly to the driver via
Cash, Debit or Credit Card.

8. Cancellation by the Client
      a. The cancellation and refund conditions for payments already made and associated with said reservation are as follows:

    - Cancellation up to 48 hours - 90% refund;

    - Cancellations up to 24 hours - 75% refund;

    - Cancellations less than 24 hours - 50% refund.

      b. If a cancellation is made in the 24 hours prior to the agreed service start time, the Company
reserves the right to charge 50% of the agreed fee.

9. Changes to a booking
      a. Any changes to a booking made after payment is complete will only be included in the service if
previously confirmed by the Company.

10. Children
      a. At the time of booking, the Client is responsible for informing the Company of the inclusion of
children as passengers associated with the service and the need for special seating. If this
information is not provided, the Company reserves the right to decline the service, without a

11. Luggage
      a. Every customer is permitted to carry one large suitcase and one cabin-sized bag as standard on
the vehicle,
      b. If the customer intends to travel with additional luggage, the Company must be informed at the
time of booking,
      c. The Company reserves the right to decline service without the possibility of refund to the Client
if the Client fails to provide adequate information relating to his luggage requirements during
the Service.

12. Our Responsibility
      a. We will not be held responsible for any damage or injury, to person or property, suffered by the
passengers during their participation in events and experiences made available by our partners,
      b. We will not be held responsible for any loss or damage that couldn’t be predicted or is not a
consequence of our actions,
      c. In case of an accident, we will not be held responsible for any causes or consequences that are
not directly imputed to us,
      d. It is our responsibility to make sure that all the legal requirements associated with our trade are
met, including insurance, vehicle maintenance, and others.

13. The Client’s Responsibility
      a. To the best of his knowledge, to make sure that all of the information provided in relation to the
booking process is correct and up to date, and that all mandatory info is provided before and
during the booking process,
      b. To carry a valid ID (National ID Card or Passport),
      c. To make correct use of the vehicle during the Service - The Company reserves the right of
monetary compensation from the Client in case of improper use, including, but not limited to,
cleaning due to unreasonable dirtiness, part replacement due to damage, and replacing of
stolen property.

14. Rights of Ownership
      a. With the exception of content belonging to our business partners, all of the content on our
website including images, graphics, concepts, design, code and visual interfaces are property of
©2023 Algarviptravel. All rights reserved.

15. Conflicts Resolution
      a. These Terms and Conditions are governed by Portuguese Law, and any conflict arising from
them shall be solved through the competent courts in Portugal. Nothing in these Terms and
Conditions affects the Clients statutory rights.

Last Updated: 10/01/2023

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