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Is it important for your company to increase sales with the same costs? If yes, then this program is of interest to you...


The Hotel`s Reception as an Information Hub Centralizes and Sells Diverse Services to Clients, Managing the Value Chain, and Generating Revenue Growth Through Enhanced Customer Satisfaction.

We have created the "Flex" and "Corporate" programs that integrate the "Business" solution, which can provide the following benefits to your company:

  1. Transportation Services to Your Employees,

    1. Increased Employee Satisfaction and Retention: Offering transportation benefits enhances employee well-being, satisfaction, and retention by addressing their convenience needs.

    2. Improved Punctuality and Productivity: Providing transportation supports punctuality, mitigating delays from public transit or traffic issues, fostering a more productive workforce.

    3. Attraction of Talent in Hard-to-Reach Locations: Transportation benefits attract talent in areas with limited access, addressing mobility barriers that may hinder job acceptance.

    4. Promotion of Sustainability and Traffic Reduction: Promoting collective transportation and sustainable alternatives, like corporate shuttles or carpooling incentives, alleviates individual traffic, benefiting the environment and enhancing regional mobility.

    5. Compliance with Corporate Social Responsibility: Employee transportation demonstrates corporate social responsibility, garnering positive perceptions from employees, customers, and the community, showcasing a commitment to staff well-being and environmental impact reduction.

  2. Different mileage packages for clients,

    1. Streamlined Customer Experience: Selling kilometer packages to hotels streamlines the customer experience, integrating transportation seamlessly into packages, providing guests a convenient one-stop solution for travel needs.

    2. Enhanced Revenue Opportunities for the Hotel: Enabling hotels to sell transportation services directly to customers adds a revenue stream, letting them package it with accommodations, potentially enhancing the overall value of guest bookings.

    3. Brand Cohesion and Customer LoyaltyDirect hotel sales enhance brand cohesion, with guests viewing transportation as integral to their experience, fostering loyalty and encouraging repeat business.

    4. Simplified Billing and Administration: Selling kilometer packages to hotels streamlines billing and administration by consolidating bulk sales with one client, simplifying operations for the transportation company.

  3. A dedicated fleet of new Mercedes vehicles,

    1. Luxury and Prestige Image: Providing transportation with a Mercedes-Benz fleet enhances the company's image of luxury and prestige, attracting customers seeking a premium transportation experience.

    2. Advanced Safety and Innovative Technology: Mercedes-Benz vehicles, recognized for advanced safety technologies, ensure a secure and modern transportation experience, prioritizing passenger safety and comfort.

    3. Comfort and Elegance: Providing transportation in Mercedes-Benz cars, known for elegant design and interior comfort, differentiates the service and enhances customer satisfaction.

    4. Efficiency and Reliability: A fleet of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, known for fuel efficiency and reliable performance, promotes efficient and dependable operations, minimizing breakdown risks for a consistent transportation experience.

  4. Customizable customer service,

    1. Customer SatisfactionCustomizable services meet individual customer needs, fostering higher satisfaction by demonstrating the company's commitment to addressing specific requirements and valuing each customer.

    2. Customer Loyalty: Personalized services strengthen company-customer bonds, as tailored experiences increase customer loyalty and the likelihood of repeat business.

    3. Adaptation to Individual Preferences: Customizable services allow the company to adapt to individual customer preferences in products, communication, and overall experience, recognizing the uniqueness of each customer.

    4. Competitive Differentiation: In saturated markets, providing personalized service is a vital competitive differentiator, as customers prefer companies that understand and cater to their expectations on a personal level.

    5. Positive Feedback and Advocacy: Customers experiencing personalized service often give positive feedback and may become brand advocates, recommending products or services to others based on their personalized and positive experiences.

  5. Adjustable subscription periods,

    1. Flexibility for Customers: Adjustable subscription periods provide flexibility for customers to tailor plans to their needs, accommodating diverse lifestyles, preferences, and budgets with options for short-term or longer-term commitments.

    2. Improved Customer Retention: Flexible subscription periods boost customer retention by aligning with changing needs, reducing the likelihood of cancellations due to rigid terms and offering customers the freedom to choose suitable subscription lengths.

  6. Integrating transfer, tours, and event services into your value chain,

    1. Enhanced Customer Experience: Integrating transfer, tours, and event services offers a seamless end-to-end experience, boosting customer satisfaction through convenience.

    2. Operational Streamlining: Consolidating these services improves operational efficiency, optimizing resources and logistics for smoother management.

    3. Cross-Selling Potential: The unified value chain creates opportunities for cross-selling, encouraging customers to explore and engage with additional services, expanding revenue streams.

  7. Allowing your reception to lead the value chain, generating added value for your company,

    1. First Impressions ImpactWith the reception leading the value chain, it shapes the initial customer experience, playing a crucial role in fostering satisfaction and loyalty.

    2. Streamlined Communication: Placing the reception at the forefront ensures efficient information flow, acting as a central hub for seamless communication across services.

    3. Enhanced Personalization: The reception, as a primary touchpoint, gathers insights for a more personalized approach, tailoring services to individual needs and creating a memorable customer experience.


Total Control of the Experience:

By incorporating the sale of the service, the hotel maintains complete control over the customer experience, from booking to service utilization, ensuring consistency and quality.

Revenue Maximization:

Integrating the sale of the service allows the hotel to optimize revenue by offering customized packages and maximizing perceived value for customers.

Enhanced Loyalty:

Leading the sale and control of the value chain, the hotel strengthens customer loyalty by providing a cohesive and convenient experience that encourages repeat business.


Comprehensive Integrated Service:

The hotel subscribes to an integrated service encompassing employee transportation, consolidating control and sales of all its services at the front desk.

Premium 16-Hour Service:

Premium customers enjoy the convenience of a driver and a Mercedes vehicle available 16 hours a day, enhancing the overall lodging experience.

Centralized Front Desk Management:

By incorporating control and sales at the front desk, the hotel centralizes service management, providing a more efficient and personalized experience for guests.

 In short, we all win when your client is more satisfied with the service provided.

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