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Verdelago Resort

Beach Resort

The last paradise in the Algarve.


More than staying here is the feeling of belonging.

Discover your Algarve. The Algarve you haven’t seen yet

A new region to discover, the Eastern Algarve. Pure and more traditional. Rich in natural experiences. Rich in fauna and flora. Rich in contrasts. Intact. Where stories open up to visitors and invite them to take part. Where flavors and knowledge remain faithful to their essence and where traditions are perpetuated. It is a familiar Algarve, because it welcomes you with an open heart, without distorting what defines it. Without changing your skin. No transformations. It is an Algarve that elevates its personality and identity and makes everything simpler and more attractive. It is an Algarve that evokes us, awakens, and is eternal.

Make the choice of your life. For your new life

Verdelago resort’s real estate solutions respect the ecosystem and uniqueness of the locality through their construction, defining luxury elevated to a level stripped of superficiality. In tune with the environment that surrounds it, Verdelago Resort is composed of several solutions designed and designed for well-being, leisure, and the renewal of energies and sensations. Close to nature. Everything here is unique. To be experienced and felt.

Permanent activity in a unique environment

Lake green, sky blue, sandy white. The palette shows the emotion. The warm breeze embraces things, and the objects are animated by the scattered light. There is a gentle voice or perhaps a bird, smiles with serene sound. There is an undisguised beauty in everything. The trees blended with the dunes, and the dunes with the undergrowth and these with the animals, the sand, and the inhabitants of the land. You listen to the age of the sea, you peek at the moon, you fly with a sail, you talk at the table. Life is painted. The experience begins here. More than 10 km of footpaths and walkways to explore the pine forest, the dunes, and see first-hand the abundant fauna of the Verdelago, whether on foot or by bike.







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