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Óbidos Village


Óbidos is a charming medieval town located in the Centro region of Portugal, known for its well-preserved historical architecture, narrow streets, and whitewashed houses adorned with bright flower pots.

Despite an attempt to dominate by the Phoenician people, which did not result in resistance from the Celtic people, this same people ended up giving in to the Romans, who conquered this “land of the first order”.

From here comes, according to some authors, the name that would come to be known as the village, since, in the formalization of the conquest, the head of the Roman armies reported his victory to Julius Caesar, indicating that this would only have been possible by the sea, therefore due to to “Ob id os” (“because of this mouth”), although it is also argued that the name Óbidos descends from the more appropriate name of “Oppidum”, which means fortified village.

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