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Coimbra`s Fado


Coimbra Fado is a variant of Portuguese Fado that originated in the city of Coimbra, located in central Portugal.

Unlike Lisbon Fado, which is usually sung by women in bars and Fado houses, Coimbra Fado is generally performed by male university students in serenades for their loved ones.

Coimbra Fado is characterized by its unique melody, which is played with a Portuguese guitar and a Coimbra guitar, an instrument similar to the Spanish guitar. The lyrics of Coimbra Fado are usually poetic and romantic, reflecting love, nostalgia, and the beauty of the city of Coimbra.

Coimbra Fado became popular in Portugal in the 20th century, especially among university students and the academic community in Coimbra. Today, Coimbra Fado is an important part of Portuguese musical culture and is appreciated throughout the country and around the world.

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