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Cidadela`s Palace


The history of the Cidadela Palace is related to that of the heads of state of Portugal, from the Monarchy to the Republic. 

Used as a summer residence by the Royal House from 1870, the Palace of the Citadel of Cascais was assigned to the Presidency of the Republic after the proclamation of the Republic in 1910.

Inhabited by the Kings D. Luís I and D. Carlos I, as well as by several Presidents of the Portuguese Republic, Manuel de Arriaga, who was the first to use it, having spent the winter of 1913 here to cure a rhinitis allergic to Bernardino Machado, in the 1st Republic, or during the Estado Novo with Óscar Carmona who took up official residence there and General Craveiro Lopes who will be the last President to live in the Citadel.

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