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Christ the King Sanctuary


The Cristo Rei is a monumental statue of Jesus Christ located in Almada, Portugal, across the River Tagus from Lisbon. 

The statue stands at 110 meters tall, including its pedestal, and is considered one of Portugal's most iconic landmarks. It was inaugurated in 1959 and was inspired by the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The Cristo Rei is one of Lisbon's main tourist attractions and offers spectacular views of the city and the Tagus river. The statue is accessible via an elevator that takes visitors to the top of the pedestal, where they can admire the panoramic view. The interior of the pedestal houses a chapel and a museum that tells the story of the statue's construction.

In addition, the Cristo Rei is a site of pilgrimage for Catholics, and many visitors come to the site to pray and participate in masses and other religious events.

Overall, the Cristo Rei is an iconic tourist attraction in Portugal that offers a unique experience and spectacular views of the city of Lisbon and the Tagus river.

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