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Alte is a small village located in the interior of the Algarve region of Portugal, about 15 km from the coast. 

It is known for its charming white-washed houses, narrow streets, and traditional architecture, which have been well-preserved over the years.

The village is situated in the foothills of the Serra do Caldeirão, and is surrounded by stunning countryside, with rolling hills, olive groves, and orchards. The area is popular with hikers and nature lovers, as there are several trails that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

One of the main attractions of Alte is its Fonte Pequena, a natural spring that feeds a small waterfall and a series of pools that are popular for swimming. There is also a larger, more popular swimming area nearby, called Fonte Grande.

Alte is also known for its traditional handicrafts, such as basket weaving, pottery, and embroidery, and there are several shops and markets in the village where visitors can purchase these items.

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