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Templars: Unveiling the Secrets of the Order in the Lands of Portugal


From Algarve - Starts at 675.00 €


Embark on a journey through the Templar lands of the Medio Tejo region, where the legacy of the Knights Templar awaits. Begin your exploration in Tomar, known as the Templar Capital, where ancient history intertwines with the present. Wander through the streets lined with Templar symbols and visit the historic sites associated with the enigmatic order.

Continue your quest to the Medieval Village of Ourém, where the imposing castle stands as a testament to the Templars' influence in the region. Delve into the past as you explore the castle's battlements and imagine life in medieval times.

Venture onwards to Dornes, a picturesque village nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes. Here, the Pentagonal Tower rises proudly, offering panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. Feel the presence of the Templars as you wander through the village streets, steeped in history and legend.

Journey to Sertã, where the legend of Celinda awaits. Explore the town's historic center and immerse yourself in its rich cultural heritage. Stand on the walls of the Abrantes Fortress and envision the Templars defending the Tagus River against invaders.


In Torres Novas, discover the imposing Castle that has stood watch over the region for centuries. Marvel at its architecture and imagine the stories it could tell. Then, make your way to Vila Nova da Barquinha, home to the Templar Almourol Interpretation Center (CITA).

Opened in 2018, CITA serves as a beacon of Templar knowledge and understanding. Explore its exhibition spaces, watch Templar-themed films, and delve into its extensive library-archive. Gain insight into the Templar legacy as you stand in the shadow of the Almourol Castle, surrounded by the tranquil waters of the Tagus River.

Through your journey along the Templar Route, you'll uncover the mysticism and heritage of the Knights Templar, leaving you with a deeper appreciation for their enduring legacy in the Medio Tejo region.

  • Refª AVT-A-32.1
  • Estimated Time - 2 days
  • Included in the Tour:
    • Transportation in Mercedes Fleet,
    • Local Driver / Guide,
    • Entry tickets to the mentioned places,
    • 2 Meals at regional cuisine restaurants,
    • 1 night accommodation in a 4-star apartment near the city center,
  • Group 2 Adults - Price / Person - 1075€; Group 6 Adults - Price / Person - 675

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