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Algarve's East Nature Tour: Exploring Coastal Beauty and Wildlife Wonders


From Algarve - Starts at 125.00 €


The West Algarve Nature Tour offers a unique and immersive exploration of the region's natural and cultural highlights.

Our journey begins with a visit to Cacela Velha, a picturesque village perched atop dramatic cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Here, you'll have the chance to wander through narrow cobblestone streets, admire historic whitewashed buildings, and soak in breathtaking panoramic views of the coastline.


Next, we'll embark on a scenic boat tour of the Ria Formosa, a stunning coastal lagoon renowned for its rich biodiversity and pristine natural beauty. As we glide through the tranquil waters, you'll have the opportunity to observe diverse bird species, explore secluded islands, and marvel at the intricate network of channels and marshlands that make up this unique ecosystem.


Our adventure continues with a visit to the Interpretive Center of the Ria Formosa Park, where you'll learn about the region's fascinating ecology, conservation efforts, and cultural heritage. Interactive exhibits, informative displays, and guided tours provide valuable insights into the importance of preserving this precious natural treasure.


Afterwards, we'll unwind and rejuvenate at the Saline Spa in Castro Marim, where you can indulge in therapeutic salt-based treatments, relax in mineral-rich pools, and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding salt pans and marshes.


Finally, we'll journey to Cabo de Santo António in Vila Real de Santo António, the southeasternmost point of Portugal. Here, you'll stand at the crossroads of two continents, with views extending across the Guadiana River to Spain. Explore the historic lighthouse, stroll along rugged coastal trails, and savor the sense of awe and wonder inspired by this majestic natural landmark.


Throughout the tour, knowledgeable guides will provide fascinating commentary, enriching your experience with insights into the history, culture, and ecology of the West Algarve region. Join us for an unforgettable adventure that celebrates the beauty and diversity of Portugal's natural landscapes.

  • Refª AVT-A-01.1
  • Estimated Time - 4 Hours
  • Included in the Tour:
    • Transportation in Mercedes Fleet,
    • Local Driver / Guide,
    • Tickets for boat tours in Ria Formosa (1 hour),
    • Tickets for saline spa in Castro Marim (2 hours),
    • Visit to several exceptionally beautiful sites in the eastern Algarve.
  • Group 2 Adults - Price / Person - 200 | Group 4 Adults - Price / Person - 125
  • The prices are subject to confirmation based on the client's location versus the experience. 

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