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Algarviptravel and Movimento 1 Euro are Partners for Social Responsibility Initiatives in Portugal

February 8th 2024
Algarviptravel and Movimento 1 Euro are Partners for Social Responsibility Initiatives in Portugal

This partnership represents a firm commitment to strengthen the positive impact on the communities where the company operates. Recognizing the social responsibility and impacts of its activities, Algarviptravel has since 2023, decided to join forces with Movimento 1 Euro to contribute even more to the well-being of the communities where it operates. 


The partnership goes beyond financial contributions, aiming to add value through its network of contacts and resources. In addition to alleviating the immediate difficulties faced by communities, Algarviptravel as well Movimento 1 Euro are committed to promoting sustainable, long-term solutions. 


By sharing the operational model of Movimento 1 Euro, Algarviptravel aims to invite other companies and friends to join Movimento 1 Euro and multiply the positive impact on communities. 


Together, we make a difference in the lives of those most in need.


The Movimento 1 Euro Association is recognized for its tireless work in helping the most disadvantaged, and Algarviptravel recognizes the value of this mission, seeking to expand its reach. 


Your monthly contribution of at least 1 Euro will support a cause that is up for voting each month, and if it wins, that help will be effectively provided to the respective recipients, partially or fully meeting the identified need submitted by the social institution to the Movimento 1 Euro Association.


It is a process through which Algarviptravel identifies, as it ensures transparency in the management of donations throughout the process, from collection to distribution to candidate social institutions. 


We take this opportunity to share some of these firsthand testimonies.






You can find more about the association through this link: https://movimento1euro.com/.


Seize this opportunity to partner with Movimento 1 Euro and receive its support in creating a fully personalized social responsibility program.


Together, we make a difference.