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Fitur as a strategic HUB for connections among people in the Tourism Sector

January 27th 2024
Fitur as a strategic HUB for connections among people in the Tourism Sector

The importance of tourism fairs, such as Fitur, goes beyond mere networking; they play a crucial role in developing personal relationships that translate into mutually beneficial business opportunities. These globally renowned events provide an ideal environment for reconnecting with friends, colleagues, and industry partners.

In the context of a sector centered around people-to-people interactions, fairs, especially Fitur, serve as an essential hub for sustainable growth.

While digital transformation has revolutionized transactional processes, fairs continue to be a unique meeting point for building authentic relationships.

The digital world facilitates online booking of accommodations, offering detailed information about the stay and the local community. However, the distinction between service and experience is crucial. Technology provides efficient service, but it is in human interaction that the experience stands out, influencing the perceived value by the customer.

Algarviptravel's presence at Fitur reflects a commitment to establishing personal contacts aligned with the company's activity, enriching the offerings for clients. Considering value and support chains, the company focuses on what adds value for the customer, distinguishing itself through attention to customer expectations.

The motto of Algarviptravel, "we don't lead customers, we take care of friends," 

encapsulates the company's customer-centric approach. Participation in fairs like Fitur reinforces the commitment to not only providing services but creating experiences that sustain positive evaluations and encourage customer loyalty.

AlgarVipTravel Team